Procharged Chevy Camaro Drag Car

4th Gen Chevy Camaro Vinyl Wrap

Procharged Chevy Camaro Drag Car

What can you say about a project like this. This wonderful client came to us with a problem. The base color of the car has become very popular over the years. Especially on this specific manufacturer of car. Although he loved the color and didn't want to loose it, he also wanted to stand out [...]

Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Brushed Aluminum Racing Stripes

This was a fun project. The original stripes we nasty and just overall looking bad. The other problem was the hood scoop. It was painted silver and then a blue stripe was added to the center to give the appearance of a racing stripe. This client wanted to do something different. Honestly we were not [...]

Shelby Cobra Racing Stripes

This Shelby Cobra was brought tp us for some repair work. Although we will not post pictures of what the stripes looked like, we did our best to repair what was done. Night and day difference. This Shelby Cobra is still nice to look at.

This was a fun project that we shipped out to the client. They didn't want a full wrap, but still wanted to bring some attention to their all black drag car. They asked for a blue and carbon fiber design and this is what we came up with.
rage wraps ragewraps race car drag racing chrome bumper avery vinyl wrap

Chrome Bumpers

rage wraps ragewraps race car drag racing chrome bumper avery vinyl wrap If you are looking to add another dimension to your race car how about wrapping your bumpers in chrome? This is a light weight and cost effective solution to chrome dipping, also a great alternative to fiberglass and paint. Separate yourself from others [...]
Rage Wraps Baja Truck 3M Vinyl Wrap

Ford Ranger Baja Truck Vinyl Wrap

Rage Wraps Baja Truck 3M Vinyl Wrap What an interesting job this was. A new customer called us wanting to wrap their Ford Ranger Baja truck with some specific instructions. They wanted the wrap to be in the spirit of their tow vehicle. So with that in mind we set out to accomplish this goal. [...]